Business description

Only handmade products can
warm and enrich the soul

Most of our baskets made with natural materials are handmade by makers in rural villages in Asian countries.
They use the harsh winter months when agriculture is slow to craft each item carefully.
Since all the work is done at the hands of artisans, it takes many producers and time to make a large number of baskets.
Additionally, productivity is limited due to raw materials such as plant vines becoming less common and environmental changes.

Unlike mass-produced synthetic products, baskets have been a part of people's lives for a long time.
They are loved by people worldwide, and we believe the warmth of the hands and love of the people
who make these baskets with the traditions and techniques
that have passed down from generation to generation can be felt in each basket.
There are no two baskets that are alike.
The warmth of the natural materials and the handmade craftsmanship gives each basket a unique character, feel, and texture.

We believe there is a unique and special basket
that will give each of our customers a "Better Life."

We hope we can help all our customers find the basket
that will warm their souls and enrich their lives.